August 23th, 2004


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I'm working on the Ultimate Technos Technique Guide. I added techs for Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai.

I wrote an item FAQ for Technos Samurai Downtown Special. A site with a translation patch and FAQ covering techniques and shops is now gone. Fortunately I was able to recover the html files from the Wayback Machine Internet Archive and I still had the other files, so I put them all plus my item faq in this zip. The only things missing are the the Samurai rom itself which I will not provide and the site's graphics.

Intro and History
Renegade / Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun
World Cup and Nekketsu Koukou Soccer
Nekketsu Soccer League

Intro and History
Renegade, Super Dodge Ball, (Nintendo) World Cup (Soccer), River City Ransom, Crash 'N' The Boys: Street Challenge, Super Spike V'Ball, and Double Dragon 1 through 3 for 8-bit NES were all originally created by Technos Japan. Many other great games by them never made it to the US. Here is a list of all home system (except not all of Double Dragons) and other noteworthy known releases.

Other Technos history info:
Technos Japan page at GameFAQS
(American) Technos page at GameFAQs
Technos page at KLOV (American and Japan mixed together)

Other odd facts:
In Super Dodge Ball for NES, Bean Ball mode's 3/4 player option was removed since no adapter was out in the US yet. Rahga engineered a Game Genie code to access it in the US version but it requires the Japanese multiplayer hardware to work. Only the NES/Famicom versions of the original Dodge Ball have Bean Ball but Naxat Soft added a Quest mode to their PC-Engine port of the arcade version.
The Play Choice version of Nintendo World Cup has 3P and 4P erased from the titlescreen but when emulated with multiplayer support they are still selectable.
In their versions of Nekketsu Koukou Soccer (World Cup), Naxat Soft and Nintendo both added 3/4 player support but both with a flaw where players 3 and 4 can barely aim.
The original Japanese version of CNTB: Street Challenge didn't have grafitti all over the place.
On Gameboy, Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun: Bangai Rantouhen and Double Dragon 2 are the same damn game!

Renegade / Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun
The first real street brawler

Kim / MisuzuMmm... Beer...

This applies to the 8-bit NES/Famicom versions. I don't know about the others.

Codes and Tricks from Nintendo Power:

Stage Select
Hold Down on controller 2, Down Up Right Up Left Up Start = mission 2
Hold Down on controller 2, Up Down Left Down Right Down Start = mission 3
Hold Up on controller 2, Down Down Up Up Right Left Start = mission 4

Running jump kick the wall when time ends with 17 stage 1,
43 in stage 2,
59 in stage 3 = hamburger

Jump kick an enemy when time ends with 32 in stage 1,
25 in stage 2,
11 in stage 3 = super power

When 3rd enemy in stage 1 is down, sit on him and punch, do the same to the 2nd enemy in the subway = 1-up heart

I've gotten 1-up hearts and super power in other stages. It's always a good idea to pin and punch the first few several anywhere.

My stage 4 map (skill level 1) - paths to Sabu without repeating rooms or going back to stage 3

World Cup and Nekketsu Koukou Soccer
Also known as Hot Blooded High School Soccer or Kunio's Soccer

Nekketsu vs hyper teamSamurai vs Argentina
WCandNKS FAQ v1.10

Message board at GameFAQs

Helpful reference pic (especially since team setup is arranged differently on PCE):

NNNesterJ movies (txt):
Warning: Watching these movies, mainly the World Cup one, may spoil strategies you may have more fun finding on your own which may then spoil any challenge the game still gives you. Using Japan against Argentina, 29-3 on bumpy field against Fighters (some strategies and tricks) against Fighters (ditto)
My NKS movies aren't as good since NNNesterJ runs the game too fast and you don't have much time in a game to start with.

NNNesterJ save states (txt): - play tournament mode on different fields - 2 player versus mode with P1 as USA and P2 as teams not normally usuable in vs - versus mode with P1 as teams not normally usuable and P2 as Nekketsu - versus mode with P1 as Nekketsu and P2 as teams not normally usuable

NESticle save states (txt): - play tournament mode on different fields - versus mode with P1 as USA and P2 as teams not normally usuable in vs - versus mode with P1 as teams not normally usuable and P2 as Nekketsu - versus mode with P1 as Nekketsu and P2 as teams not normally usuable

NESten save states (txt): - 3 player USA vs teams not normally usuable in vs - 4 player USA vs teams not normally usuable in vs

Magic Engine Save States: (txt)

I noticed that the hyper team I made a hacked save state to play as in the Famicom Nekketsu Koukou Soccer has exactly the graphics of Argentina from World Cup except different colors. They have a name shown on the score screen. I can't read the Kanji, but here it is...
Can someone please translate this?

Hacked save states of the PC-Engine Duo version of Nekketsu High School Soccer work even better than with the 8-bit NES/Famicom versions. With 3 and 4 players being supported by the emulator, any match being possible without bad graphic glitches, and each save state being a substantial size I'm not going upload a few hundred megabytes of hacked save states. But I have uploaded four good sample save states. And I will upload whatever match someone requests within reason, though I would probably upload them to a directory over on geocities to save my host some bandwidth.

Notes about emulation:
Nester DC v7.1 - All around best and great Dreamcast port of Nester. It's as close as you can get to playing on a real NES/Famicom, which is pretty damn close. I currently can't seem to hack this emulator's save states since it compresses states it saves on a memory card and lacks the option to save without compression.

NNNesterJ - Best PC emu I've tried so far. 3/4 player support for Japanese games but doesn't correctly support 3/4 player US games. Runs Nekketsu Koukou Soccer too fast.

NESten - Runs either too slow or way too fast for me depending on settings. Correctly supports 3/4 player US games, but no Japanese 3/4 player support.

NESticle - Not so good, but runs NKS at correct speed for me. v4.0 supports most Technos games better than v4.2 does.

I always would much rather play the real thing than emulation but unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out Game Genie codes to do what my hacked save states do. Emulation does have its uses. And while using Nester DC v7.1 you may forget you're playing an emulator. You may have gotten a bad impression from an older version of Nester DC, but v7.1 is definately very good.

Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League
Japan vs Argentina

Some moves:
Run - rapidly tap any of all eight directions
Evasion - double tap up/down while in possession of the ball
Pop ball up - A+B while you possess the ball
Super Shot (individual players' ones) - A+B to jump, B to shoot
Bicycle kick - B+A to jump, then back+B (does a generic super shot)
Insane Double Flipping Kick - Jump on top of a computer teammate, then press forward+B
Hurricane Kick - ?... Easy to do with Ugajin though.

Goalie moves when in your own goalie's box:
Jump - A+B
Shoulder Bash - A or forward/back+A or B
Dive - Up/Down + A/B Jumping Dive - Up/Down + A + B
Uppercut - A+B to jump / Jumping Dive, then A/B
Spinning Uppercut - A/B at end of a dive or Forward+B

Playing as a goalie is badass. You can go and attack the opposing goalie in their own goalie's box. A goalie's normal shot is stonger and can easily smash through another goalie that normally blocks or catches super shots most of the time.

Translation patch at

Mainly just Technos:
River City Hacky Sack - can be downloaded from FAQ page
River City High - best web comic ever
Nekketsu Typhoon
RCHS Reunion
River City High: The School of Hard Knocks
Sledge's River City Ransom page
German Kunio site
good Japanese site in English
Technos History - Japanese site with tons of screenshots
another Japanese site - has a download page with some good stuff
Nooooooo!! - Why?!
Double Dragon Dojo
Abobo - Smash!
PentarouZero - Nekketsu Soccer League translation patch
Trans BRC - a Nekketsu Hockey translation patch
Ordered Chaos - Nekketsu Fighting Legend translation patch
Technos Samurai - translation patch
Disconnected Translations - Downtown Nekketsu Kousinkyoko: Soreyuke Daiundoukai (Cross-Country)
my River City Ransom Reverted patch - just name and technique text changes so far
Nekketsu Rehashed - Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun translation patches
Nijiiro Ball: Otome-tachi no Seishun
More Generalized pages:
Aeon Genesis - Shin Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-tachi no Banka translation patch and Sugoro Quest++ info
Dorando Translations
Minibosses - DD Stronghold is Double Dragon 1 Mission 4 music
Killer List of Video Games - info on Arcade and Neo Geo versions of Technos games
|tsr's NES archive - Famicom Scans
GameFAQs - information juggernaut with game specific message b o a r d s's hacking resources
Code Hut
DC Emulation - I recommend Nester DC and SMEG
Nester DC home page
Zophar's Domain - emulators and translation patches

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