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Strife stuff
8/14/03 The Silenced Lamasery v1.1 - Old screens of v1.0: 1 2 3 4

10/26/03 Hexen map01 converted to Strife map05 v1.01 (txt) - Screens: 1 2

1/12/04 Strife Editing Package (txt) - conversion file for dm2conv added!

1/31/04 SeHackEd

3/07/04 Retrohack (txt) - screenshot

1/12/04 Strife EXE Editing Specs

2/23/96 Strife demo v1.0 (Thanks Frans)

3/22/96 Strife demo v1.1

Thread on Doomworld in which MrDarka posted good info and a link.

Strife Links

Doom Alpha and Other Old Version stuff

How to extract sprites, patches, and flats, plus other lumps from Doom Alpha v0_2:
  1. Get Deutex v4.4.0 and NewWadTool v1.3 from Doomworld's editing util section.
  2. Open v0_4's doom.wad in NWT and export the two entries, textures and pnames, to v0_2's doom.wad.
  3. Use this command line:
    deutex -doom04 c:\doom0_2 -xtract
    Where c:\doom0_2 is the directory containing the modified v0_2 doom.wad
Normally Deutex v4.4.0 can only extract from Alphas 0_4, 0_5, and the Press-Release. NWT by itself can only seem to view or extract v0_2's flat graphics by itself. Unfortunately other miscellaneous gfx still get extracted as seemingly unusable lump files. In order to get v0_2's unused gfx, I extracted the raw data with NWT and inserted it into playscrn. Then I ran the alpha, pressed alt+enter to make it a window view, and took a windows screenshot. The colors were messed up but easy to fix. By doing this I've discovered somewhat detailed status HUD shadows of all ten weapons originally planned and written about in the Doom Bible, including the Unmaker.

The Unmaker's shadow had a particularly detailed shape. There must have been at least an item sprite or sketch drawn of it that may have been in the wad of an unreleased alpha or never made it that far. With its shadow and description to work with, I decided to play fill in the blank with pieces of the pre-beta lost soul, Keen's spine and ribs, the evil sceptre, and the pre-beta pol6a. The item sprite I've made is probably bloodier than it's supposed to be, but hopefully it's somewhat close to what it may have originally looked like.

BTW, an actual item sprite of the dark claw is in Alpha v0_4.

Evolution of Doom Weapons
Since these graphics are or at one time were a part of Doom feel free to use them for Doom stuff, but tell me and credit me if you use my unmaker sprite.

Evolution of ammo and other items
All item sprites from every released alpha are shown, except for the weapons you can see in another picture.
Normal Doom/Doom2 sprites of items are only shown when further work was done on them or if they weren't present in any alpha.
With the five power-ups in a row, invinicible, invisible, speed, strength/berserk, and vampiric, I matched the alpha gfx up by alpha-numeric order (pinvin-pow1, pinvis-pow2, pspeed-pow3, pstren-pow4, pvampi-pow5) so it's possible they could be mixed up. You can see the graphic they eventually took a part of and used for an energy cell. The original's sprite name is shi1a0 and the one right below it is shi2a0. It's possible shi may be short for shield and those were going to be two of the energy field shields mentioned in the Doom Bible.

Alpha skins (txt)
dmascrap.zip (txt)

Alpha Doom related links

Fun with v1.2 collection (txt)
    Here's what you need to use the stuff in the zip above:
  1. Ultimate Doom
  2. Patch to downgrade Ultimate Doom to normal full version 1.1 (Thanks to Lee Killough and Rich Brennan)
  3. Patch to upgrade full Doom 1.1 to 1.2 (Thanks Grazza)
  4. Older versions of Dehacked

Note: I don't want to take too much credit when some things have already been done before so... Demonstrations of Barons infighting and Barons+Cacos committing suicide in v1.1 are here under Doom Memorabilia and other strange demos are here.

Getting struck by a paradox in map01

My dead former self hitting my future self with a silent BFG aftermath with the BFG ball completely out of view in map01

Some maps


The Moshpit for Doom 2 with almost any source port

A really strange level for Ultimate Doom with ZDoom by the freak who brought you levels 6 and 7 of Rage DM v1.0 (but not v1.1)

Theme Patch stuff

Go here:
Portugal Mirror
Greece Mirror
France Mirror
Sweden Mirror
Austrailia Mirror
I recommend downloading every zip file that starts with TH. Werner Spahl's Theme17 is an awesome patch. I made an alternate deh patch for it called themealt. Here is a ZDoom version with additional text changes (txt file). I also made a skin pack named thskins based on Theme17.

Older version v1.1 of Werner's Theme Patch only for Doom v1.2
Requires Doom v1.2, DeHackEd v2.4 or older, and dmadds.
Features a mine layer, leaves Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind intact.

Skins for Legacy, ZDoom, or whatever port that supports them

Ash from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness by me and TheCrow/Hellspawn/Tim I.
enemy ninja from Shadow Warrior
F-Zero cars
Alpha skins (txt)
Doomgirl (compiled from various sources, see text) 09/13/2013 : offsets of sprites fixed and well centered
More skins here


UberMutant high res and low res gfx 10/08/13
Savegame for dos Wolf3D Spear of Destiny so you can see the UberMutant in his original environment, Floor16.
Or check out AFADoomer's Wolf TC for Doom

Also of interest and not any work by me: Wolf skins by Martin S. (see txt)
Has gib frames for Mutant and other points of view for firing.
Just named wolf3d.wad so be careful not to overwrite a different wolf3d.wad

Weapons patch for DosDoom v0.65 and up, but not EDGE (yet)
Was the largest or 2nd largest weapon patch ever for Doom for a while.

Pet rock weapon patch for DosDoom v0.65, untested with newer versions

Huge rocket explosion dehacked patch

Some old intentionally goofy patch I won't name here but someone updated.
original version which had some funny stuff that was removed
Player skin

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